Link Toss

Link Toss is a tiny little app I wrote to solve one little tiny annoyance I had with OS X: If I clicked a link in an IM or some other program, it always opened in my default browser. This may seem like something silly to be annoyed about, but I really would rather the link open in any browser I already have running. That's just the way I am. If you feel this way too, you can download it right here:

LinkToss.dmg 0.2, ~160KB, Universal Binary, tested in Leopard but should work in Tiger.

To Install: Open DMG, drag Link to your applications, double click on Link to choose which browser you want Link Toss to open if you don't have any browsers open yet. Then go to Safari's preferences and set Link Toss to be your default browser. Enjoy!

Get the code from GitHub.

P.S. Thanks to Josh for the idea!

P.P.S. I'm Alex. My website is here.